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Cinema | 錄像


seasonal [s]election | 季 . 選
Sep, 2016

Micro-narrative Cinema

Being in the countryside of Finland for a week, I started to think of using the materials from nature. I tried to explore alternatives of taking the colour from the seasonal wild berries that I collected from the woods, put them on the clothes and how could it be elaborated on topics related to September or early fall.

“seasonal [s]election” is a micro-narrative cinema emphasised on time and space, audience viewing and expectation. 4 Sept 2016 was the first and significant Legislative Council Election of Hong Kong after ‘Umbrella Revolution’ that terminated 2 years ago, it was going to be a decisive one. Simultaneously, at the other side of the world, wild berries in Finland also taking turns to make a different scene in the woods.

At such a decisive moment, many citizens pay a trip back to town to make a vote; as a Hongkonger, feeling of guilty comes with an absence in the fight.




Duration: 33 mins


《斷章 》卞之琳,
Dec, 2007



Love Diary | 愛情記錄
Oct, 2007

A video shot by DV camera without editing.

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