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Installation | 裝置



Year of production:  May 2021
Type: Installation, 298.5 x 266 cm
Media: Photochromic Paint

Diurna is a site-specific painting on an exterior wall of TKM Gråmølna based on a quote by 17th century British writer Tryon Thomas: “Let the night teach us what we are, and the day what we should be“.

The photochromic paint interacts with the extended daylight during this time of year, showing a range of changing colours, with objects that block out the sun leaving an imprint in a matter of seconds. Chan’s work is a form of communication that goes beyond the written word, when it interacts with people seeking out the sun and registers ephemeral traces of resurgent life on the streets during an ongoing pandemic.

Click here to watch the Video Documentation.


Get In Touch | 觸感

Year of production: Dec 2020
Type: Interactive Audiovisual Installation
Media: Himalayas singing bowls, Micro-controller, conductive materials.

The world we live in discourages touch and interaction among people. Physical touch was what we familiarised with, yet it becomes strange at this moment. Instead of exploring the human relationship, maybe we should explore the inwards. While the electricity goes through the conductive materials, they become one; when we touch and connect them, it makes us become one and activate the meditative sound.

Click here to watch the Video Documentation.


Reflected 31 times, and then? | 三十一次回塑,然後?

History turns into history when time passes through.

Fell into frustration and kept looping about how could be the way out for the current protest from a dilemma. People sacrificed but justice does not come. Time slipping out, will the protest turn into a memorial event like the 4th June 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre?

Maybe that is not yet the end, we will see.

There was a 10-meter-tall, plaster-made statue known as ‘Goddess of Democracy’ created during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest. It has been treated as the signature icon of the movement. Time passes, the nature of the yearly events decays and changes, protests become parades, the reveals of truth become a sharing session, fighting for justice become many memorial silence moments.

With the idea of data degeneration, this project is about a loop of reviewing this piece of history. A small scale of ‘Goddess of Democracy’ has been re-created and scanned over and over, they all have been printed as another statue. Data lost and has been regenerated through the process.

Year of production: 2019 – 2020
Dimension: 20cm (H), 100cm (W), 100cm (L)
Material: PLA 3D-printed objects, plaster

Exhibited in Oh Hell Yea Humanity, 22-25 Oct , 2020 .
Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.

Click here to watch the Exhibition showreel.

Exhibited in ‘Link Will Follow’ in Trondheim Open, Nov 2020
Galleri KIT, Trondheim, Norway

Click here to watch the Video Documentation.