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Naomi Chan is a multi-discipline artist who was born and raised in Hong Kong. With certain skills in traditional arts, Chan likes to explore alternatives in many different media like installation, electronics, computing and videos.

Naomi WT Chan is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Hong Kong. During her undergraduate studies, she received solid technical training in analogue photography, experimental filmmaking, digital art and computer coding, and continues to explore different media in her art projects.

She believes art is a communication way that goes beyond existing texts and spoken languages that deliver some raw thoughts. Besides art making, Chan is a nature lover and yoga teacher. She appreciates yogic life raise the awareness of her existence in present.


Her recent works could be seen in Gutleut 294 in Frankfurt, Akademirimmet in Oslo, Trondheim Art Book Fair and Ars Electronica in Linz.

Naomi Chan 陳浣廷是一位在香港土生土長的多媒體藝術家。憑藉傳統藝術方面的既有技能,她喜歡持續探索不同媒體,如裝置藝術,電子,程式編寫和錄像。

她認為藝術是一種超越現有文本紀錄和語言的交流管道,能寄予一些原始的想法和感悟。 除了藝術創作,陳浣廷還是一位鍾愛自然的瑜伽老師。 她把瑜伽融入生活藝術,提高對當下的覺知。

2019 – 2021       Master of Fine Art
                           Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, NTNU, Norway


2016 – 2018       MSc. Yoga & Naturopathy

                           Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University, India


2006 – 2009       Bachelor (Hons) of Art in Creative Media
                           City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


                           Major Studies: Critical Intermedia Laboratory   

                           Pervasive, Mobile and Locative Media

                           Computational Cinema

                           Visual Ethnography and Creative Intervention

                           Moving Image Studies


2021 -  Utstilling Sommeren 2021, Veiholmen, Smøla

            Comma, TKM Gråmølna, Trondheim

            Oh Hell Yea Humanity #2, Frankfurt, Germany

2020 -  Open Academy Fall 2020, Trondheim

            Trondheim Open 2020, Trondheim

            Oh Hell Yea Humanity, Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

            In Kepler’s Gardens, Ars Electronica 2020, Linz

            Refractions/Diffractions: What is Human in Times of Trouble?, Edvard-Munch-Haus,                        Wernemünde, Germany
            #1 Exhibition Info . #2 OCA Funding . #3 Media



Uncertain States / Scandinavia Issue 12.5 , 2020

Deprivation | 日中盤飧

Art & Common Space, May 2020

A group publication with KIT master programme students

Selected Artist for Residency, 2018

Thangka Painting 2018, Qinghai, China

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